Nieuwjaarsshow Kerkwijk 2023 490 kB

                                                                                                                                                                                       Foto: Suzanne Zeegers

  Nieuwjaarsshow Kerkwijk 22 januari 2023  
  Keurmeester: Karolina Pastusiak  
  BOB: Melgowd Song Of Solomon  
  BOS: Poptemple of the Hellacious Acres  
Beste Baby Mayflower of the Morning Valley  
Beste Puppy Ramchaine All Them Green Lights  
Beste Jeugd Poptemple of the Hellacious Acres  
Beste Veteraan Moon Boots True Love of Goldens  
Reuen Babyklas (2)    
1 VB Retiens La Nuit from The Dutch Coast  
2 VB Think Twice Voice Your Choice  
Reuen Puppyklas (2)    
1 VB Melgowd Tame Me Up  
ABS Lights And Shadows of Duke’s Place   
Reuen Jeugdklas (2)    
1 U Poptemple of the Hellacious Acres   
2 U U're All Of Us v.d. Suestra Goldens   
Reuen Tussenklas (3)    
1 U Dewmist Troubadour   
2 U Golden Purposes Unchain My Heart   
ABS Killian Jones v.d. Corner Brook   
Reuen Jachtklas (1)    
1 U Sunny Delight's Keep Up The Spirit  
Reuen Openklas (9)    
1 U Ramchaine Heartthrob   
2 U Golden Force Build On Friendship   
3 U First Alcoholic of Barnsley Gold   
4 U Zampanzar Up & Up   
U Crazy In Love of Picaboo Street   
U Golden Gentleman v.d. Tender Bende   
ZG Phlox from the Sanpowro   
ZG You're My Best Friend Golden Robos   
DISK Fire Crackle Agaat Golden Robos   
Reuen Veteranenklas (2)    
1 U Messano Yin Or Yang  
2 U Magavin of the Morning Valley   
Teven Babyklas (9)    
1 VB Mayflower of the Morning Valley   
2 VB Londonite About A Girl   
3 VB Rapunzel v.d. Tender Bende   
4 VB Think Twice Victoria Secret to Dunehills   
VB Mermaid Lagoon of Morning Dream   
VB Nuit De Folie from The Dutch Coast   
VB Red Riding Hood v.d. Tender Bende   
VB Ask Noa's Red Hat   
ABS Dulce Fiel Divertido  
Teven Puppyklas (12)    
1 VB Ramchaine All Them Green Lights   
2 VB Ramchaine Arabesque   
3 VB Darjeeling v.d. Corner Brook   
4 VB Tanishtagh Final Edition   
VB Golden Purposes Venice Queen   
VB Golden Purposes Viva La Victoria   
VB Megowd Magic Step Up Step   
VB Golden Force Queen Of Hearts   
VB Tanishtagh Full Speed Ahead   
VB Dona Lynn from the Rivers Of Dreams   
VB Legacy Of Dreams from Double Gold   
VB Old Style from Double Gold   
Teven Jeugdklas (10)    
1 U Chipolata v.d. Corner Brook   
2 U Golden Purposes Unstoppable   
3 U Xanthous Precious Little Daimond   
4 ZG Silence Dream Xylocarp Cupcake   
ZG Roti Rixta v.d. Vijf Akkers   
ZG Vanille Ice Cream Golden Robos   
ZG Aurora   
ZG Fields of Gold Funny Girl  
NTB Double Duty’s Cattleya Orchid   
NTB Gwennaelle Camian's   
Teven Tussenklas (7)    
1 U Melgowd Song Of Solomon   
2 U Terra Di Siena Sunflower   
3 U Couture La La v.d. Corner Brook   
4 ZG Queen For A Day  v.'t Keijsershof   
ZG Aphrodite v.d. Spieringhof   
ZG Linger In The Limelight Hogmanay   
ABS String Of Pearls Aurora   
Teven Jachtklas (1)    
1 U Eve's Kiss from The Dutch Coast   
Teven Openklas (9)    
1 U Xanthous Jigsaw Puzzle   
2 U Love Of My Life of Picaboostreet   
3 U Colors Of The Wind of Morning Dream   
4 U Crossly Golden’s Artemis   
U Hazel v.d. Corner Brook   
U Karma Charmeleon v.d. Tender Bende   
G Double Duty’s Bugatti  
ABS Ramchaine Angelina Jolie   
NTB Tiger Lily from The Dutch Coast   
Teven Veteranenklas (1)    
1 U Moon Boots True Love Of Goldens